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I'm glad that you agreed to do your part to help save the world by helping me support charities! I gotta tell ya, I was nervous there for a second...NOT. I had complete faith in you!

Product selection for u&i to help charities help save the world...

“Riches don't make a man rish, they only make him busier.”

Wanna help even more?


Here's the thing guys...right now I'm in start-up mode. What this basically means is that I'm just starting out. Just thought I'd clarify if it wasn't already ridiculously obvious to you. As much as I'd love to initiate a multi-million dollar campaign to help as many charities as possible, I don't have the resources to do not yet.


And it's because I'm just starting out, that I have the luxury to take the road, which in my opinion, will help the charities the most. Which is why I have decided to go straight to the source to get support for charities...a source of infinite potential. To be honest, I'm just trying to be smart about spending money at this point. I know you would hate for me to go broke right now and drop this awesome initiative to help charities help save the world.


So, what's this epic source you ask. Well...let me put it this way...this source is literally the future of this awesome world of ours...the people! I have decided to sell directly to universities, colleges, schools, and companies so that they can utilize their brand, marketing and purchasing power to push this to the nth degree. Smart huh? On top of which, this will expose the masses to the idea of supporting charities and thereby doing their part to help save the world. Win-win situation in my book. Not to mention, this way, you get to support your school/company and look fashionable doing it and I get to control my costs. Does it get any better? The answer you're looking for is a big fat no. Unless of course you're thinking of ice cream. I guess in that case the answer would still be no. No, it does not get any better than this.


In any case, pretty soon, you're gonna see these specially marked bracelets on campus and schools and in offices throughout Canada and the US. At-least that's the plan. I'm gonna start with selling a variety of standard, chic and stylish you guessed it...silicone bracelets. Check out the store above for all the options and such. 


Customized bracelets anyone?


At the same time, I would love to sell you bracelets with your university, college, school or company logo on them. Take a look at the bracelet below. Pretty nifty huh? I will then move on to a whole range of products you can use on a daily basis to give you an even greater and let's face it, an easier incentive to support the charities to help save the world. Here's the best part, what you're gonna be buying is stuff you need anyway but if you buy from me you get to support charities of your choice in the process. Sometimes life really is that easy! I don't want to get too ahead of myself but I've got plans to take this as far as I can and I won't stop until I've succeeded. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted as I make progress. After all, without you guys I can only do so much.


With that said, if you are interested in purchasing customized silicone bracelets with your own logo, please give me call and I will make you an offer you can't refuse. Right now, there are many companies which provide customized silicone bracelets but these companies can't match the level of customization I am able to offer. Instead of simply plastering your organization's name on a bracelet in Times New Roman font, I can actually print your logo on the bracelet, as you can clearly see from the pics at the bottom of the page. If you're wondering why I've used Brock University, it's because that's where I completed my undergrad studies. I gotta tell ya, it's such an awesome school with so many amazing memories... #gdtimes ;)


Alright! Enough talk! Let's save the world...u&i!







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