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Here it promised...the portfolio of charities that u&i can be proud to support!


You must be dying to know all about my portfolio of charities. Just a quick note though, if you're actually dying then please get off your computer, grab a phone and call 911 for an ambulance. If you're still alive, got my fingers crossed for you, then check out all the awesome charities below...

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

So, right now, I've only included just one charity in each category. One thing you'll notice about my portfolio of charities is that they're all multinational organizations. This is because I want to support charities which I can count on to do what they say. That is not to say that local charities are not reliable. As this initiative gains traction, I will add more and more charities to my portfolio, as I promised earlier. Don't worry you'll have a much greater say in the kind of charities you want me to support.


"Okay okay...I've seen enough...where I can start helping already? Where is your product listing? How can I make a purchase?" That's what you're thinking, am I right? Well, I'm not gonna be a jerk and yank your chain so here it is!

a project of TRG


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