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The US is vastly different than Canada when it comes to Canola oil. For starters, it wasn't even known for the longest time. It's completely opposite now. Over 45% of US households now use canola oil and there are just handful for major oil companies which do not offer some form of Canola oil. 

The popularity of canola oil is truly well deserved! As you can read on our site, canola oil is lowest in saturated fat, highest in omega-three fatty acids and second only to olive oil in monounsaturates. It has received numerous awards over the years such as the “Product Acceptance Award” from the American College of Nutrition and the “Health Product of the Year Award” from the American Health Foundation. Simply put, Canola is hard to beat. 

As it's been stated over and over again, Canola is Canadian. In fact, the term "Canola" is an acronym for Canadian oil. In other words Canola is home grown. It is for this and many other reasons that North American Canola oil is sourced almost exclusively from Alberta and Saskatchewan. If quality Canola is what you are after, you need not look further than us. We know Canola and the quality and freshness of our prdicuts is gauranteed. 

We offers a full range of popular pack sizes, including 16 oz, 32 oz, 48 oz, 64 oz, 101.7 oz (3L) and gallon. If your particular grocery store does not currently offer a choice of our canola oil, you may want to discuss this with the store manager. No doubt, he will do everything possible to satisfy you and get you the best possible canola oil for your money.

Our Canola & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend has also grown increasingly popular over the years as it is tastefully blended for Mediterranean style cuisine. It is made from the finest canola oil and remarkably fine olive oil. It has essentially the same taste and smell as a pure olive oil, but is more versatile for cooking.

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