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Specialty oil

Organic and Expeller Oils

We have over fifteen years of experience with organic and expeller extracted food oils. We are proud to have shipped these products to some of the largest and best known natural food stores in North America. We offer organic and expeller oils in various brands as well as in private labels. Production of both organic canola oil and expeller canola oil requires rigorous controls, and we necessarily take appropriate measures to more than meet these requirements. Our organic canola oil is currently certified by Quality Assurance International. In addition, we have recently joined the Non-GMO project as a sign of our commitment to maintaining non-GMO protocols for our natural products.

Our organic and expeller Canola oils are currently available in 500ml, 1L and 2L retail sizes, as well as 16oz, 32 oz, 64 oz retails sizes. Our organic canola oil is regularly offered in 190 KG drums, while our expeller canola oil is available throughout North America in 35 pound boxes.


Olive Oil and Canola Olive Blends

As a significant Canadian importer of olive oil, we are particularly proud of the quality and taste of our extra virgin olive oil. This extra virgin olive oil meets an exacting taste and sensory profile, that has taken us many years to develop. If you really appreciate fine olive oil, our extra virgin olive oil could well become your olive oil of choice. In addition to our premium extra virgin olive oil, we can offer high quality pure olive oil and light olive oil (both subject to minimum order quantities). Our olive oils are available in 200 KG drums, 16L and 35 LB Jug-in-Boxes, as well as standard bottled sizes, like 500ml, 1qt, 1L and 2L.

Given the merits of both our canola oil and extra virgin olive oil, we have often been asked to blend our extra virgin olive oil with our canola oil. Some of the most knowledgeable olive oil companies have turned to us for their extra virgin olive oil/canola oil. Apart from these private labels, we offer our own brands of extra virgin olive oil/canola oil in 16oz, 500ml, 1L, 3L, 16L, and 35lb pack/sizes.

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